AAOIC Wire Wizard

Cast your spell across loony levels of tumultuous teeth.

Wield wires. Connect brackets.
Don't get eaten by the giant mouth.
Harness your inner wizard!

Available now for iOS and Android devices.

You work orthodontic magic for patients. But one misstep could toss you into a boiling cauldron of liability.

Forget ancient potions and powders—rely on AAOIC Malpractice Insurance to keep you safe from professional curses.

Plan Highlights

• Limits up to $6,000,000

• Policies with premiums of $50 or lower for recent graduates1

• 75% off or more on the first year of coverage with additional discounts the following two years2

• Claims over $150,000 are reinsured by four insurance companies rated A++, A+, and A for financial security

• Claims are reviewed by a committee of experienced orthodontists

• No settlement of any claim without your consent

1Premiums vary based on practice location.

2Provided this policy is purchased as your first coverage upon graduation. To receive an additional 10% off your premium, you must participate in the current risk management program.

Need to level up?

Harness the power of malpractice insurance to protect your career and practice.

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